Vicki Bradley

Crime Thriller Writer

Before I Say I Do

Her dream wedding is about to become a nightmare

It's Julia's wedding day. Her nerves are to be expected - every bride feels the same - but there's another layer to her fear, one that she cannot explain to her soon-to-be husband, Mark. She's never told him the details - and she is determined he never finds out.As she begins down the aisle, spotting Mark in his tailored suit, she knows she is taking her first steps to happiness - her past is behind her, it can't catch her now. Mark turns to face her...But it isn't Mark in the beautiful suit - it's his best man.Because Mark is missing.And Julia's past is closer than she thinks...
A twisty thriller about the happiest day of your life descending into a nightmare
- Claire McGowan, author of The Other Wife
As pacy as it is puzzling, you'll change your mind endlessly about what you think has happened
- Heat magazine
A deliciously dark and twisted read
- Woman magazine
Will take you on a frantic ride
- Sun
An intense thriller
- Bella